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General ecological suitability for the occurrence of HEV epidemics

The dataset used in this study includes geo-referenced records of HEV outbreaks registered worldwide from 1980 until 2017. In many cases the waterborne origin of the HEV epidemics was demonstrated. Click on each outbreak datapoint to get more information about the number of cases registered in each outbreaks, coordinates, reference and more. You can also disable the dataset view (top right icon), or zoom in and out. You can also look for a locality of your interest (feature available in some browsers only). The model predicting the general suitability for the occurrence of HEV outbreaks was obtained using environmental variables and population density data. Blue and red colour correspond to low and high predicted suitability for HEV epidemics, respectively. For more details, please visit the methods section . Do not hesitate contacting Dr. Anna Carratalà if you detect any error, or would like to report any other outbreak which has not been included in the dataset. Thank you!

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