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Welcome to HEV Epidemics!

This website accompanies the publication "Population density and water balance influence the global occurrence of hepatitis E epidemics" coauthored by Anna Carratalà and Stéphane Joost (EPFL, Switzerland). In this work, our ultimate goal was to anticipate the spatiotemporal occurrence of HEV waterborne outbreaks at a global scale. To this end we aimed to: (i) identify spatial patterns in the occurrence of HEV epidemics, and (ii) determine the most important factors influencing such patterns. For this purpose, we compiled a database of publicly available waterborne HEV using outbreak data, and we used it in conjunction with environmental data to generate a global distribution model for the virus using the Maxent method. In our opinion, the results of this work expand our understanding of the factors promoting the spatiotemporal occurrence of HEV epidemics, may contribute to anticipate the occurrence of outbreaks, and may ultimately be useful to optimize the control of waterborne pathogens in the next decades.

In this website you will find a summary of the methods and findings presented in the publication, as well an interactive version of our dataset and maps predicting the ecological suitability for HEV at global scale. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestion, question or comment. Also we will happily include to our analyses any other geo-referenced HEV outbreak that we may have missed. Have fun exploring our maps!

Some recent HEV outbreaks:

A new hepatitis E virus genotype 2 strain identified from an outbreak in Nigeria, 2017.

High clinical manifestation rate in an imported outbreak of hepatitis E genotype 1 infection in a German group of travellers returning from India.

Surveillance at Private Laboratories Identifies Small Outbreaks of Hepatitis E in Urban Bangladesh.

Learning from water treatment and hygiene interventions in response to a hepatitis E outbreak in an open setting in Chad.

Seroprevalence and risk factors of recent infection with hepatitis E virus during an acute outbreak in an urban setting in Chad, 2017.

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